Creating Password

Simple Guidelines When Creating A System Id Password

Posted by Tomy Jaya on December 7, 2015

Today I Learnt (TIL)

Do not use fancy/ reserved/ escape characters in your system ID password!


I stumbled upon a case whereby a system Id has got multiple special characters in it today. Encryption and serialization went haywire and I spent so much time debugging it so I thought of giving guidelines:

  1. Don’t use quotes nor double quotes as they are mostly used to enclose string literals
  2. Don’t use backslashes as they are usually used as an escape sequence
  3. Don’t use colons as they are commonly used as a key value separator (e.g. in JSON)

I know sometimes we want to make password hard to crack by adding special characters, but I think the above should be strictly off limits as they might cause you serious time wastage when trying to serialize or encrypt them.