Who am I? You sure you want to know?

About Me

Hi there! I am Tomy Jaya.

My Book

The Minimum JavaScript You Should Know When You Code React & Redux

My Personality

I am on the pragmatic, rather than the idealist side of the technology world.

Though very opinionated, I am not afraid to admit and apologize when I am wrong.

My Passion

I’m comfortable roaming back and forth the full stack. Nevertheless, my programming language of choice is Java. Lately, I’ve also started picking up JavaScript and its popular frameworks as both as a hobby and for work.

Apart from hands-on coding and providing solutions, my passion lies on software engineering, continuous improvements, applying best practices to software development.

Technologies I'm trying to master:

  1. Spring (it just rocks!)
  2. ReactJS
  3. Bootstrap (made non-designers like me look like a pro!)
  4. React Native (well, mobile is now and the future.)
  5. MongoDB (or other noSQL DB family, not a mongo fanatic yet..)

My Other Interests

My other non-software related interests include Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Education, Movies and TV Series, Soccer, Psychology, Statistics, and last but not least Personal Development. (Seems like an endless list, huh?)

My Idols

People whom I admire and wish to become:

  1. Josh Bloch
  2. Misko Hevery
  3. Doug Crockford

My Taglines

In a nutshell, the below phrases should describe me:

  • I'm just a boy who's trynna find a place in this world.
  • I aspire to be an eclectic, but am merely a dabbler.
  • I am an indescribable multi-personality guy.