My First Post

Github Pages Rocks!

Posted by Tomy Jaya on January 21, 2016

I have to say that setting up your own blog on Github Pages is really fun!

  • First, hosting is free!
  • Second, you got to learn jekyll which is pretty awesome.
  • Third, you finally have a place to practice your markdown syntax and git commands. Keep learning yo!

How I Set it up

In case you want to set up your own, for your reference, I followed the below tutorials/ resources to set up my pages:

  1. - Read about it and spend 5 minutes launching your first hello World!
  2. - Follow this to set up a barebone jekyll-powered github pages blog.
  3. - I applied this clean Bootstrap template to make the pages look more professional.


Last but not least, here comes the disclaimer:

The materials on this site are purely my personal opinions and don’t represent the view of my employers.

In addition, prior to setting up this blog, I've already prepared some write-ups locally. Hence, you might be confused that some of the posts I'm going to post in the future are back-dated. Please bear with it though.

Final Notes

Hope you can benefit from this blog. Enjoy!