What 3 habits can transform my life completely?

Drink, Sleep, Pray

Posted by Tomy Jaya on August 2, 2017

Drink loads of water in the morning

My uncle/ god father taught me to drink 7 glasses of water in the morning. I tried to follow his advice. When I was in high school, I used to have lots of pimples. They all went away after I adopted this simple habit. Water cleanses your system and your skin immediately shows it. However, after going to college, I stopped this habit. The reason being, college lectures are 3 hours long with only one break in the middle and if you drink that much water in the morning, you’ll inevitably have to hit the toilet in about 45 minutes after class starts. That said, for those who can afford to go to the toilet frequently in the morning, this habit is highly recommended.


Get plenty of sleep

Much has been said about the benefits of sleep and the drawback of the lack of it. They are all scientifically proven and backed my tonnes of research. So I am just going to share a personal anecdote here. When I was in college, most of my friends were pulling all nighters, studying late, and coming to lectures lethargic. I, on the other hand, would always sleep at around 9–10pm and wake up at 7am fresh to read chapters of textbook to prepare before lectures. Enough sleep also made more efficient and patient. Hence, I was able to complete school project with ease and had the grit to slowly try to discern complex topics. Don’t listen to your friends who proclaim that “Sleep is for the weak; CEOs and top execs sleep only 5 hours a day!”. They are wrong. They are just succumbing to the personal indulgement of partying and facebooking ’til after midnight. Sleep is not for the weak. Sleep is for the strong-willed and self-disciplined.


Pray daily

I am not suggesting you to adopt a religion but daily prayers can be immensely powerful due to 2 important components: 1) Giving Thanks 2) Wish Request. Giving thanks has such a great impact to your mental well-being that it is hands-down the easiest way to relieve stress and be happy. I keep a gratitude journal to always remind me how lucky I am; I recommend you do that too. The second part prayer is about wishing for something. I know you think that Laws of Attraction is just non-sense, but seriously, aligning your mind to something with positivity will direct your actions and attitude towards what you want to achieve. If you don’t believe in any higher being, just do yourself a favor and list down your wish (e.g. what you want to be) and keep it on your bedside table. Before and after going to sleep, read them. Trust me, the universe will conspire in mysterious ways to work in your favour. After which, don’t forget to give thanks!



There is a saying, “Good habits are hard to cultivate but easy to live with; Bad habits are easy to cultivate but hard to live with”. I, myself, am the victim of this very quote. Those good habits transformed my life but they are really hard to maintain! For instance, because I don’t want to portray a bad image of myself as being the guy who always go to the toilet, I stopped drinking 7 glasses of water in the morning. In addition, busy work life and personal commitments forced me to sleep irregular hours lately. And finally, I was sometimes to tired that I forgot to give thanks and pray. So, if you feel that you’re not suceeding in developing these good habits, don’t feel bad. You are not alone. Always remember that sometimes, being vulnerable is being human, but being human also means you possess humanity’s greatest strength: resilience. You can bounce back from any bad habits to adopt these good habits now! It’s never too late! Godspeed!

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DISCLAIMER: The quantity “glass of water” is indeed very vague. To prevent people for misunderstanding it, I did more research and found out that daily recommended intake really varies depending on people. Weight and gender play a big factor here. Some sources recommend 16oz (i.e. 470 ml) right after waking up1, some advocate 4 times 160mL glasses2 (i.e. 640 ml), and some even suggest 1.5 litres3. As for my uncle and I, our glass of water is relatively small in size. Probably 140 ml each which makes it about 980 ml for 7 glasses. Remember you don’t have to drink ‘em all at one shot. And you certainly are not advised to suddenly drink that much water on day one. Build up the habit slowly over time. Let your body gradually get accustomed to it. Lastly, neither my uncle nor I am a medically certified professional. Hence, do seek professional medical advice should you doubt my views. :) Good luck!